2019 IEEE 3rd International Electrical and Energy Conference(CIEEC2019)

Registration Fee

IEEE/CES Student Member $350 USD (2500 RMB)

Student $400 USD (2800 RMB)

IEEE/CES Member $550 USD (4000 RMB)

Others $650 USD (4500 RMB)

The second paper $310 USD (2100 RMB)

账户信息/Account Information:

名称/Name:北京中电华恒科技有限公司/Beijing Zhongdianhuaheng Technology Co.,Ltd

账号/Account No.: 1100 1029 1000 5300 3322

开户行/Deposit Bank: 建行北京月坛南街支行/ CCB Beijing branch Yuetan Nan Street

USD$ Account:

Beneficiary Name: Beijing Zhongdianhuaheng Technology Co.,Ltd

BNF’S Acount No: 1100 1029 1000 5300 3322

Accounting Bank Info: China Construction Bank Beijing BR.Yuetan Nan Street SUBBR.

Intermediary Bank Info: China Construction Bank New York Branch

Swift Code: PCBCUS33

Fedwire: FW 026014685


1. remittance voucher and Finance billing information(开票信息)大会统一开取机打增值税发票。

2. Please fill in the application form after remittance

China Electrotechnical Society (CES)