2021 IEEE 4th International Electrical and Energy Conference

2021 IEEE 4th International Electrical and Energy Conference (CIEEC2021)
Wuhan, China | May.28 - 30,2021

Important Deadlines

Manuscript Submission:

Jan. 15, 2021

Acceptance of Manuscript:

Feb. 1, 2021

Final Manuscript Submission and Registration:

Mar.10, 2021

Conference Date:

   May.28 – 30, 2021


East Lake Hotel was built in the early 1950s. It is situated on theshore of the beautiful East Lake, with a courtyard area of 2800 mu, awaterfront of more than 3000 meters. From here we overlook Mo Mountain in theeast, Luojia Mountain in the south. There are various and numerous green trees, which provide an atmosphere of open but quite , splendid and natural.


Every presidents and leaders of China and many countries had beenhere. President Mao Zedong had been here up to 48 times so that it also called"Zhongnanhai of Hubei ". President Mao once admired here "WhiteCloud and Yellow Crane".

Beautiful East Lake Hotel is embraced by fresh air and landscape,with all kinds of reception facilities are available. Four different profoundhumanistic styles reception buildings: Meiling, Nanshan, Baihua andInternational Conference Center. There are 85 conference halls, more than 500guest rooms and 40 banquet restaurants. There is a Republic of China buildingstyle Qinxiangzhai Hotpot City, a sea-light water-pavilion restaurantsurrounded by lake and charming lake scenery, and a multi-functional luxuryyacht integrating business, leisure and gathering. Eating delicious food,traveling to the East Lake and enjoying beautiful scenery, your stay is notonly a business leisure, but also a collision between soul and nature, so thatyou can enjoy endless aftertaste!

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Distance from airport (km): 40

Distance from Railway Station (km): 14

Distance from downtown (km): 2

Distance from East Lake Scenic Spot (km): 0

Surrounding Landscapes: Hubei Museum, EastLake Scenic Area, Moshan Scenic Area, East Lake Ocean World, etc.



For hotel booking, please visit the below link, or contact with conference service mail.

1. website: http://www.el-h.com

2. Conference service mail: cieec2020@163.com

Sponsored by

IEEE Beijing Section

China Electrotechnical Society (CES)

Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST)