2022 IEEE 5th International Electrical and Energy Conference

2022 IEEE 5th International Electrical and Energy Conference (CIEEC2022)
May 27-29,2022 | Nanjing, China

Important Deadlines

Manuscript Submission:

Jan. 31, 2022

Acceptance of Manuscript:

Feb. 28, 2022

Final Papers with IEEE Copyright Forms:

Mar.20, 2022

Conference Date:

   May.27 – 29, 2022

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由于临近会期,受疫情影响,组委会经过慎重考虑与研究,决定将原计划于2022527-29日在南京举办的第五届国际电气与能源大会(CIEEC2022釆用 线上 的方式如期举行。大会整体安排如下527日下午举行特邀专题培训,528日举行大会开幕式及主旨报告,529日举行专题分会场,详细日程见程序册 虽然疫情还在持续,我们将共克时艰,竭力为大家提供一个完美的学术分享与交流平台,感谢您对CIEEC2022大力支持




由于线上会议系统基于腾讯会议 研发,请各位提前下载腾讯会议并成功安装在自己电脑上,感谢您的配合,如已安装请忽略。


Ø 参加527日下午举行特邀专题培训请点击:https://www.aconf.org/conf_181211/live.html‍

Ø 参加528大会开幕式及主旨报告请点击:https://www.aconf.org/conf_181211/live.html‍


1. 口头报告包括12分钟PPT汇报3分钟的问答为了更好的视觉效果请使用16:9 PPT格式。



4. 进入网上会议系统https://www.aconf.org/conf_181211.html ,点击左侧菜单“Program”,找到相应的场次点击进入会议

5. 未参与汇报论文将被视为弃稿论文也不收录入论文集




在这里PPT/PDF格式上传海报。点击“Submit a PosterUp load Presentation File

在这里上传最长5分钟的MP4格式的海报讲解视频点击Submit a PosterUp load Attachment File








Online Meeting Guidelines of CIEEC2022

Distinguished guests and delegates,

Due to the proximity of the session and the impact of the epidemic, the organizing committee decided to hold 2022 IEEE 5th International Electrical and Energy Conference (CIEEC2022) on May 27-29, 2022 in Nanjing as scheduled after careful consideration and study. The general arrangement of the conference is as follows: special training will be held on the afternoon of May 27, opening ceremony and keynote speeches will be held on May 28, and special session will be held on May 29. Please refer to the program for details! Although the epidemic is still going on, we will work together to overcome difficulties and provide you with a perfect platform for academic sharing and exchange. Thank you for your strong support to CIEEC2022!

Online Conference System link:   https://www.aconf.org/conf_181211.html

Important Information

The online meeting will use Tencent meeting, please download and install it in advance. Thank you for your cooperation. If it has been installed, please ignore it.

For Oral Presentation

Preparing Your Oral Presentation

1. Presentation for oral sessions requires a maximum 12 minutes long PPT presentation and 3 minutes Questions & Answers. We recommend 16:9 PPT format for better screen showing.

2. Each speaker is required to meet his/her Session Chair online 10 minutes before the session starts.   

3.Please download "Oral Presentation" from the official website http://www.cieec-conf.org/ to check the session of speakers.

4. Click https://www.aconf.org/conf_181211.html and find the corresponding session to enter the meeting.

For Poster Presentation

Preparing Your Poster Presentation

1.Upload your poster materials

Presentation for poster sessions requires one-page-poster and a maximum five-minute Poster video (make a 5-minute explanation video for your poster, which can be explained directly according to the poster).

Please upload the Poster in PDF /PPT format here.

Please upload the maximum five-minute Poster Explanation video in MP4 format here.

The author can also log in to his account on the official website to upload his own poster and other materials.

Deadline for uploading of paper presentations: 2022.05.22


a. The name of the poster for uploading MUST be the Paper ID, xxxxxx.pdf, The video should also be named as paper ID, xxxxxx.mp4, etc.

b. It is possible to upload the improved version with the same name. The old version will be replaced.


Note that accepted paper without presentation will be considered as no show in the conference, and the paper will be removed from the conference proceedings without refund.   

2022 IEEE 5th International Electrical and Energy Conference(CIEEC 2022) will be held in Nanjing, China from May 27 – 29, 2022.

The conference will send more than 100 VIPs invitations to guests worldwide. Around 1000 professionals are expected to attend the conference, including delegates from governments,international associations,Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering universities, scientific research institutions, enterprises;and youth delegates etc.

The conference will include keynote sessions, technical sessions, industry forums, the topics covering electrical and energy sectors.

The conference organizing committee invites contributions in all areas related to electrical and energy technologies, including (but not limited to) the following:

1. Advanced Electrical Machine System

2. Machine Drives and Controls

3. Transportation Electrification

4. High-efficiency Power Conversion

5. High-Reliability and Intelligent PowerElectronics Technology

6. New Energy Power System

7. Energy Internet

8. Power System Planning and Operation

9. Integrated Energy System

10. Power Market and Demand Response

11. New Energy Infrastructure, Smart Operation andMaintenance

12. Power Electronics Devices

13. Packaging, and System Integration

14. Smart Energy Electrical Equipment

15. Wireless Power Transmission

16. Plasma Science Technology and Applications

17. High Voltage and Insulation Technology

18. Superconducting Technology and Application

19. Internet of Things (IoT) and Energy system

20. Emerging inter discipline with Electrical Engineering

To encourage professional researchers to present their research work in cieec 2022, the conference has:

  • Best Track Paper Award in each track will be presented in CIEEC 2022.

  • The final decision is subject to the decision of the technical program committee of CIEEC 2022.

    Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore subject to meeting IEEE Xplore’s scope and quality requirements. 20% of the papers accepted on CIEEC2022 will be eligible for submission to the 《IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications 》with appropriate modifications.

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